The heart of the Seven Marks Society is prayer. A poem by James Montgomery says,
“Prayer is the Christian’s vital breath,
The Christian’s native air,
His watchword at the gates of death:
He enters heaven with prayer.”
We live in a confusing and changing time where so many things are beyond our ability to impact
or alter. Yet, we can pray. That is no small matter. A prayer from an unknown source includes this
sentence. “If we can offer nothing but our prayers, remind us that our prayers are a useful work you want,
so that we may live always serving Jesus Christ, our hope and our true joy.”
We will continue to pray! Pr. Lehmann

Are things a little chaotic in your world? Is it hard to stay focused at work, in your family,
in your mind because of all the clutter and clatter around and within you? How can one pray
when there is no silence? The Eastern Church practices “The Jesus Prayer”, based off of
Bartimaeus’ words in Mark 10. “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”
This is repeated again and again as form of meditation. The Jesus Prayer, says Metropolitan
Anthony Bloom, “more than any other,” helps us to be able to “stand in God’s presence.”
I encourage you to use this as part of your spiritual growth. Sit before a crucifix, an icon,
or other religious art for a visual focus. Use The Jesus Prayer for a mental focus. Standing in
the presence of God, offer your prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.