The heart of the Seven Marks Society is prayer. A poem by James Montgomery says,
“Prayer is the Christian’s vital breath,
The Christian’s native air,
His watchword at the gates of death:
He enters heaven with prayer.”
We live in a confusing and changing time where so many things are beyond our ability to impact
or alter. Yet, we can pray. That is no small matter. A prayer from an unknown source includes this
sentence. “If we can offer nothing but our prayers, remind us that our prayers are a useful work you want,
so that we may live always serving Jesus Christ, our hope and our true joy.”
We will continue to pray! Pr. Lehmann

Advent is a triptych of the coming of Christ – three panels which come together into a
whole. Note the Scriptures. ➀ The Prophet Isaiah and St. Luke, Chapter 1, tell of the
preparation via the coming foretold in prophecy and the birth of John the Baptist. ➁ Matthew 3
and Luke 3 tell of John preparing the way for the ministry of Jesus. ➂ St. John the Divine tells of
the return of Christ. Together, they form a dynamic picture of what it means to make ready for
The Season of Advent is a corresponding triptych. ➀ We have four Sundays of
preparing for the celebration of the Birth of the Messiah. ➁ We are called to prepare our hearts
and lives to grow spiritually to mature faith and hope. ➂ We anticipate that day when Christ will
return in glory to call the all the faithful, living and dead, to himself forever.
Let this Season of Advent be one that brings new and deeper faith to life.